Sunday, June 11, 2006

Goodbye Red.

It's still surreal. I've known for hours now that she is gone, and has been gone for almost two weeks. But because of how I know her, it took this long for some of us to be notified.

Colleen Thomas, one of my first editors and one of the best writers I have ever read, died of a heart attack. Colly had suffered from migraines and her health was not the greatest. I suppose it should not be so shocking. But that's exactly what I feel. Shock. It wasn't unusual for Colly to be out of touch for awhile when she went home or something.

Colly was passionate, prolific and powerful. She was unafraid of tackling difficult subjects. She wrote in a manner and with a speed that any author would envy. She touched a lot of hearts and a lot of libidos.

My world got a little bleaker tonight. I know that I will see her again. I know that she will be behind me, enjoying my successes and consoling me for my failures. She was so thrilled when Switch got accepted. You would have thought it was her moment, not mine. Perhaps because to Colly, it WAS her moment. A friend was published. She rejoiced in it. I so wanted her to have a moment like that of her own.

Colly was one of Literotica's most decorated writers and assurredly one of it's best. Go to and see. She wrote in the genre of Lesbian Sex and she wrote Novels & Novellas.
Go read her legacy. Because as prolific as she was, as much as she finished, it wasn't enough.

I miss you, Red. I'm gonna miss you every day. Rest In Peace my friend.

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