Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Santorum Bows Out

So now its set. Romney vs. Obama.

I saw an article yesterday that called Romney the weakest candidate since Dukakis put on a helmet and sat in a tank. And that's true. So why?

Why do I feel like this is going to be close? Mitt Romney, who created the blueprint for "Obamacare" in Massachusetts. Who is a poster boy for "rich and out of touch." Who couldn't put away Gingrich and Santorum without spending a ridiculous amount of money. Who some doubted would win the GOP primary in his home state.

Obama should win this in a walkover. He won't. He'll have to fight for it. I wish I could understand why. He's accomplished more against worst resistance than any President I can remember. Reagan and Clinton accomplished things, but didn't have this opposition. Carter had the opposition, but all his successes were in foreign policy. He couldn't get his own party to cooperate domestically.

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. He got Bin Laden. He restored much of the good will the U.S. lost among our allies during Bush's foreign policy "adventures." He signed landmark domestic legislation regarding equal pay for women, health care, consumer credit protection, and was appeal to finally remove the barriers against gay Americans serving their country. Many of those were things Clinton tried and failed to achieve.

I wish I could believe that race wasn't the issue.