Thursday, October 26, 2006

Two Things I Want To Talk About...

...But I keep having other things to get done. How dare my life get in the way of my Blogosphere!

I want to talk about Whispers Media, a new venture I was asked to write for back in the spring. It's an exciting concept and I'm pleased to be a part of it for many reasons. The audio potential of the internet is expanding greatly and I think that the team at WM have a great concept and that it is well executed. Currently that link is only going to take you to a preview site, but they should be up and running very soon. I'll give out a little more info very soon.

The La Jolla Writers Conference was this past weekend, and it was an incredible experience for me. My co-writer came out and we both took great advice and validation out of our interactions with the powerhouse lineup of speakers & instructors. Plus, in the time we weren't spending in workshops and classes we were able to get an amazing amount of plotting and scripting done for our next Bruce & Mandy adventure, which is really going to throw some readers for a loop. I think we showed that we are not afraid to do what we think the characters and story are telling us to do, even when it seems dangerous.

More very soon!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Well, I Did Star Wars, I Have To Do Firefly...

I love this show...I'm a Browncoat alright. I became one after I bought the movie Serenity. I had the movie about a week and I hadn't watched it yet and I mentioned this to a parent of one of the kids on my little league team. This provoked a reaction of, "No, Wait!!!!" and a demand that I borrow his DVD set and watch the Firefly series first. And I'm glad I took the advice.

Figures...very typical Will Belegon to fall in love with a TV series only after it's cancelled. See, I almost never watch TV...aside from sports and the History Channel anyway. I loved Firefly so much that I went out and bought my own copy. I dearly hope that somehow Fox can be persuaded to sell the rights back to Joss Whedon or to Sci-Fi or HBO or something. It will be hard enough to reunite the cast now...the longer it goes the less chance it will work.

So, I took the personality quiz, and this is what the result was...

You are Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
Dependable and trustworthy.
You love your significant other and
you are a tough cookie when in a conflict.

Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)

Click here to take the "Which Serenity character am I?" quiz...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's Strange The Way Things Affect Us

As word spread about a small plane crashing into an apartment building in New York today, I found myself rather uninterested once it seemed obvious it was an isolated incident. Not that I am uncaring about the people involved or that I didn't find the loss of life a little sad; just that it is, in the long run, a thing that has zero effect on my life...

Until I found out who was piloting the plane. Why does someone who outrightly rejects the "Cult of Celebrity" like myself still buy into it enough subconsciously that I am suddenly fascinated just because it was a MLB pitcher at the controls?

I don't want to belittle Cory Lidle or those who will be affected by this accident. It is, of course, a tragic thing for the families of those involved. Because fans do get emotionally involved with the people that play for the team they love, this does now affect thousands or even millions more than it would have otherwise. I recognize this and understand it. I felt the same thing when San Diego Padres outfielder Mike Darr was killed in a car accident during Spring Training a few years ago. I shared experiences with him...Even if I did it at the same time as 30,000 others. It was enough of a connection to make the accident "personal" to me...and Yankee fans are bound to feel the same way now.

There are obviously a lot of unanswered questions about this particular incident. I hope it was an accident, not deliberate. There are so many things that can go wrong in a small plane. Because of who it was, I'll be paying more attention then I would have otherwise. Whether because I've seen him pitch (I have) or because we share a nebulous bond as ballplayers, who knows?

Regardless, I hope that whatever does come out publicly is not something that makes the families feel worse...

...but I'll still be looking for The Onion to post a story about the Terrorist connections of George Steinbrenner and Joe Torre in the next few days.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

There Are Other Things In Life...

Yes, I have have been a little slow to post anything new here for the last month or so...I admit it. But there's this thing that happens; You know, it's related to the old cliche about how every spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of...

Baseball, of course. And see, my team has been in an intense pennant race and now there are playoff games to attend and agonize over.

So relax. I'm not dead. I didn't go into hiding to avoid the DEA, who want to bust me for cough syrup because I don't like George Bush. I'm not on the run after being branded an unamerican terrorist for questioning whether a guy getting a blow job is really more dastardly than lying to start a war or letting millions of people go homeless because you're too busy to watch the Weather Channel.

And I most certainly have neither stopped nor even truly slowed the sexual calisthenics my brain goes through on a daily basis...

It's the playoffs, baby!

There are other things to think about besides sex ya know...really. Um, for a little while anyway. *wink*