Friday, May 26, 2006

"Switch" Continues To Review Well

More reviews have been posted about my first release with Alessia Brio and the opinion continues to be positive! So far the harshest criticism has been that the reviewer felt it was too much of a playful romp and wanted more characterization and plot. *insert evil laugh here* Yes, I so hate to delve into the inner workings of my characters...

From Leola Brooks review at Eternal Night :

"This is highly entertaining story with delightful verbal interplay between Amanda and Bruce as well as a sizzling script for a very unusual, very hot picnic."

From Enchanted Ramblings :

"The two different perspectives from the male and female author worked well, and I would like to see something lengthier ... from this writing duo, as they have a great style."

All in all, I'd have to say I'm pretty pleased...and highly anticipating the release of Artistically Inclined from Venus Press.

Monday, May 15, 2006

It's Been A While Huh?

Sorry about the long gap here...wasn't really deliberate. Just got caught up in quote "real life" unquote.

My co-writer and I finished the sequel to Switch. I started a new job last week, one I like much better then the old one. It has much better hours and no weekends so I can still coach little league.

But my writing has slowed tremendously. I am telling myself it is just the new schedule and the adjustments I am having to make for that...and that I don't have that extra hour in the morning anymore. Besides, it is only the fiction. My sportswriting is still going strong.

I think I just need to get comfy...

Friday, May 05, 2006

"Switch" Has It's First Review

Shay over at Sensual Reads has given Switch it's first review, and I think she might have thought we did okay...

"For Amanda and Bruce, their time seemed to be spent with the operations of Erotique, a famous sex toy shop and museum. They never seemed to have time for one another. But with a shared kiss at the office, and a little pet and play, they made the time. A mattress picnic in their new apartment was the perfect plan. Along with a new toy to test.

"With the storm brewing outside, and the very pleasurable toy in place, Amanda and Bruce become lost in one another. When the power surges, that becomes the game. They have somehow switched bodies, and soon learn just what it takes to make the other burn. And they are both surprised at what they discover.

"Okay, I have to say WOW! Switch is one hot read that will have your temperature rising, and the play between the two laugh out loud funny. I now have a new outlook on just what my man may be feeling. And I will never look at nipple clamps or grapes the same way again. This duo of authors have a short but sweetly electrifying hot hit on their hands. Bravo! My smile will be in place every time the lightening strikes."