Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Writing Partner... running the Phaze Romance blog for the day. She is promoting our new release San Diego Sunset, which will be available from Phaze starting Sunday for the low Promotional price of only two dollars.

Currently the discussion has been primarily about dreams, their nature and how people treat them in their lives. Please click the link above if you want to join in the dialouge. Also, she used a picture I took from Sunset Cliffs here in San Diego on her first post of the day, so if you would like to view it (and possibly even compliment the photographer *hint,hint,wink,wink,nudge,nudge*)please give 'er a look.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Whispers Media Is Up & Running

So after a long wait I finally get a chance to hear what the gang over at Whispers Media has been up to...and it's quite a trip, actually.

Basically, what this company is doing is pushing erotic audio past it's grass roots beginnings and into a world of higher production values, superior voice talent and *ahem* excellent writing.

Now, I've heard the occassional worry from people...the same kind of thing you always hear when something becomes successful or gets noticed. And I've heard the worry about what if the big boys notice the value of what we are doing on the ground floor of honest and realistic erotic writing. The honesty will disappear...the raw power will be diluted and all the art will go out of it...

I disagree completely. Has it worked that way in rock n' roll? Was there only ever one or two garage bands and then no one else bothered or was willing to start one? Quite the contrary. Once it becomes possible to actually have a reward for your hard efforts...

Look, I love finishing a story just for the story's sake. I love it when my characters surprise me, when I say, "Now this will happen..." and Bruce or Mandy speak up and tell me there is no way in hell they would ever do that.

But it ain't gonna kill me if I can actually pay for my internet access by selling a story or two...if I'm collecting the occassional royalty check. (Those get bigger every month BTW *grin*)

This new outfit seems like a class act and I know they went out and found some good work to lay their foundation with...firsthand. The Voice is smooth and professional (I'll leave the judgment on sexiness to the ladies and occassional open-minded gent). The cost is affordable. I just don't see many negatives here, and I see a lot of potential positives...

...and if you intend to give them a try and download an MP3 or order a CD? Yeah, how about trying Track 2 on "Just The Two Of Us" under the Blue Moon Whispers line? This um, friend of mine would love to hear your reaction to it...

Friday, November 10, 2006


All of my troubles, all of my worries...the hopes and dreams, the moments in both sun and shadow. Today they all seem less important and yet they seem all the more vibrant. Today I cherish even my pain.

Gabrielle was with us less than three days. She was born to a dear friend half a world away. I spent hours with her, but I'll never hold her hand. She has reminded me of the importance of love and life, but I'll never kiss her cheek. At least not in this world.

Gabrielle came into the world after 25 weeks in her mothers internal embrace...not nearly enough, but there was no choice. She touched lives all over the world in this brief foray into a larger, colder climate. The measure of her impact will not be known for many years, but more than 80 people in 13 countries lit candles for her and directed their healing thoughts and prayers towards her and her mother.

She is now a permament part of our community. In the words that she inspired, in the friendships she strengthened, in the hearts she touched she will live forever.

Goodbye little warrior. You will not be forgotten.