Monday, November 05, 2012

Election Eve

And now we come to it..

The arguments have all been made.  The odds that I'm going to sway anyone's vote, small in September, unlikely in October...are now infinitesimal in November.  Decisions have been made and tomorrow they will be implemented.

By some.

Why? Why do people not vote?  I can honestly say that I have missed voting opportunities...rarely, but it has happened for various reasons.  But when it has happened I have been regretful and perhaps most importantly, noticed the fact.  Which meant I could plan to avoid repeating the mistake.

But I know people who blow it off.  Who just don't do it.  And it isn't, for the most part, that they think it unimportant.  They will tell you, if confronted, that voting is important.  So why don't they vote?

The reasons are legion.  Yet the one thing they share is that all of them are less reasons than they are excuses.

Vote.  Maybe you'll vote as I do, maybe not.  Maybe you will vote for Barack Obama.  Maybe for Jill Stein.  Maybe for Roseanne Barr (yes, she is on the ballot in many states.)  Maybe you will even vote for Mitt Romney, in which case it could be said that my telling you to vote worked against my own purposes.  But vote, no matter what.

It is important.  People have sacrificed for the opportunity, even died.  You have this moment, this moment of power. You have a voice and it will be heard, even if only momentarily.  That is something almost unique in history, especially if you are a woman or a non-property owner.