Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I've Been Giggled!

There’s always a certain mix of trepidation and anticipation to getting reviews. I’ve had plenty by now and although I have developed confidence in how my work will be perceived I still get a little bit of nerves.

But now I’ve been “Giggled”.

One of the more prominent reviewers in the e-romance genre is Mrs. Giggles. Actually, it’s not just e-books. The infamous one will take a shot at just about anyone. She’s tough, not afraid to speak her mind and has no fear of being passed over by publishers for giving bad reviews. (If you don’t think this happens then you aren’t paying attention. Even the worst movies find a reviewer to call them “exciting” or “stupendous”. It happens in publishing too.)

She’s the Simon Cowell of romance. And she just reviewed Switch. So I was nervous, especially because Switch is not a romance when viewed outside of the greater context of the Bruce & Mandy storyline. It’s a sexual romp, albeit with a twist. I knew she would mark us down for that. I think she did, a little bit.

But overall, I am very relieved and quite pleased. Hey, if I can take a Mrs. Giggles review and have this for the last line?

“Naturally, it succeeds in doing so, which is why this story is pretty cool.”

I’ll take that from an honest and tough reviewer EVERY time. *grin*

You can find the full review at www.mrsgiggles.com .

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Tribute To A Friend

Veteran Jazzman and long time music teacher Jimmy Cheatham left this world last friday after 82 years of lightening hearts. As I had not seen Jimmy in about six months, I found out only today when his obituary hit the paper.

Jimmy played with Count Basie and Duke Ellington, among many others, and the man with the spark in his eye and shine in his smile could make a trombone evoke a plethora of images and emotions. He was as talented as they come and he took great joy in helping others find the music they had trapped within them and bring it out for the world to share.

The lights of San Diego's clubs are a little dimmer without him and the music of the night is a bit more subdued. Jimmy would tell us not to mourn him, but to celebrate the love he showed and tell us how lucky he was to share joy with us and to have spent so long in the company of his beloved Jeannie. Jeannie has asked that if you know of Jimmy or his music and want to remember him, donate to those who help teach others to discover music's power.

Play on, my friend. The next world's band just had a huge boost in soul.

Jimmy & Jeannie Cheatham

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Celebrating Creativity

If you saw and enjoyed the Saturday Night Live & Justin Timberlake song parody "My Dick In A Box" you might enjoy this.

Equal time for the sexes and, no offense Justin, but much prettier in my opinion. Really, J.T. man, don't take it personal...it's just the gender thing, OK? I mean, if I was gay I might choose you...ok, maybe after Johnny Depp and Adam Ant...and Ewan MacGregor...and A.B. Guye & Carson Sheppard...but you could be on the list somewhere. I promise, if it ever happens I'll find a place for you.

Oh, and reportedly, the major prop from the video is on sale at E-Bay now and the girl singing is from the U.K. and the girl in the video is from the U.S. That just makes the boy-band parody part more funny for me. C'mon, New Kids On The Block had so much more street cred, ya know? *wink*