Monday, August 19, 2013

Morning Mist

With the sky a low-hanging quilt of white and grey, time stands still.  The dew still stands on the deck, and the insect chorus seems unsure whether day has arrived or not.  The sun is a stranger this morning, and the hour could as easily be six as nine.

An illusion, of course.  Today is a day of monumental change in my household, as one of us steps beyond education as threat and social requirement and into that realm where it becomes a true choice.  I thrived in that change and I hope and believe he will too.  We shall see.

But he is still abed and the rest of the house is vacant, with some at school and some at work and me musing about mists on the porch.

I wouldn't mind if time really did stand still here for a bit.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


In my time in the business of telling stories, I've had the very real pleasure of meeting and enjoying the company of several others who have chosen this rather masochistic life.

Several of them are participating in the upcoming event called Para-Palooza.  Including yours truly, who is really trying to get back to a place where people know he exists in this rather crowded field.

The lineup  in that graphic is impressive.  Even intimidating.  There are a lot of writers on that list that I know personally and admire.  I am, quite possibly, the least accomplished of them.  Which makes it all the more flattering that I was invited to contribute, and quite a bit more intimidating.

There's a truth to my own personal philosophy that sometimes seems self-defeating.  I am far more motivated by the welfare of others than I am by my own.  Yes, that can be turned into an asset and I would like to think I've successfully done that at times, through my contributions to charities like Coming Together and coaching little league and helping teach martial arts.  But at times when I start to doubt myself, it is anything but good.

I'm trying hard to believe I belong in that company.

But whether I do or not ( I do, really.  I'm a good writer.  I suck at promoting myself and I trip over my tongue at times, but I can spin a yarn.) I am going to enjoy sharing their virtual company.  I hope you will join us for the fun.