Monday, May 15, 2006

It's Been A While Huh?

Sorry about the long gap here...wasn't really deliberate. Just got caught up in quote "real life" unquote.

My co-writer and I finished the sequel to Switch. I started a new job last week, one I like much better then the old one. It has much better hours and no weekends so I can still coach little league.

But my writing has slowed tremendously. I am telling myself it is just the new schedule and the adjustments I am having to make for that...and that I don't have that extra hour in the morning anymore. Besides, it is only the fiction. My sportswriting is still going strong.

I think I just need to get comfy...


Alessia Brio said...

Um, newsflash, partner: Your writing had slowed BEFORE the new job started. *insert whipcrack here*

Sherri said...

Someone is a little touchy, eh? ;)

You know and I know that writing, like anything else, means making time to write, just like you make time to go to work and make time to eat and sleep and watch TV. It may take you a little while, now that your schedule has changed, to figure out how much time you have and pick what you are going to trade in so that you can write...I'd suggest maybe taking baths and putting a desk across the tub. Potty time can be multitasking time, too. :)