Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Damn...So, We Saw the Advance of the RT Review...

So...I was gonna do some whining and bitching in here. See, we got a look at the advance of our review for Artifactual from Romantic Times today.

It's not what I was expecting or hoping for at all...but in order to say why, I have to put the review out here. I need to tell all y'all whats blowing it for me. And I really don't want to do that until the issue comes out. Which will probably be good, because it will calm my indignation down. It's just common courtesy...if you give me a sneak look at something you're gonna publish, even if it's about me, it is wrong for me to publish it first.

So I'll wait. And tap my fingers. And tell myself that anger leads to the dark side.

We can talk about other things right? We can talk about Idol; how I'm even more in lust with Gina after those sweet-as-hell boots and the way she sang and her attitude. About how Haley has me thinking thoughts about her the last couple of weeks that certainly are not appropriate for television...at least, not network television. About how Blake is the one who is going to come out of this and sell the most records, because he can sing, he can beatbox and he has style. But I still say it's a race between Melinda and Lakisha, even with Blake and Jordin working so hard to put themselves in contention.

Sanjaya....*sigh* I can sing better than that. You sucked tonight, dude. Well, you've sucked a lot. But your smile and your hair have kept you around. Maybe this will finally end that...but I doubt it. You need to go, dude. It's just silly now.

We can talk about how I want to go see 300 and how I haven't because I don't have anybody to go along and I don't want to take the time away from my family or my other endeavors. My wife would spend the whole movie looking between her fingers, my daughter would hide under the seat and my son would either get nightmares or start chasing people with my 8" Chef's Knife tied to a pool cue. Neither option appeals to me.

Can we talk about how I can't seem to get rolling? I'm writing 250 words here, 300 there. No decent progress and none of the 2500 word spurts that happen when I'm at my best. Arrrrgh. I so want to get a couple of WIP's finished!

Baseball's coming...*Grin* Yes, I'm a sports geek. I admit it. I can't wait for opening night.

Okay...watch this space. As soon as that magazine hits the shelves, I'm ranting! I mean, imagine how Dan Brown would have felt if the the first major review he got was in the Vatican Observer. That's kinda how I'm feeling tonight. Like I opened a new steakhouse and they sent a Hindu vegetarian to do the restaurant review. Like Heath Ledger waiting to talk to Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson after they watched Brokeback Mountain for the first time.

I feel cheated.

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But we found its silver lining.