Monday, December 03, 2007

Fallen Angels Reviews Double Header

Dawnie from Fallen Angels Reviews has ventured into the world of Andrea Spring and liked what she saw enough to give it four angels out of a possible five.

I admit that I have been a little nervous about the possible reactions to the latest release from Alessia and myself. It's the first that didn't feature a M/F one-on-one relationship and our "heroine" is much more complex. She has a definite journey through Double Header and its forthcoming sequel Spring Training. What's more, the place that she begins that journey from can be a little harsh for people not accustomed to a woman of Andi's sensibilities.

Dawnie saw what we intended, calling Andi "a complex character with sizzling sexual needs." Part of my interest in seeing reviews and feedback for this work is that Andi is a very different heroine for readers used to more traditional romantic elements. I'm pleased that Dawnie stayed with us to see the growth and complexity of Andi's character.

The other thing that stands out in the review is her impression of the book's sexuality. She calls the sex scenes "extremely hot and raw." Again, a gratifying response. Double Header definitely is erotica with romantic plot, as opposed to traditional romance with erotic elements, and it is wonderful that Dawnie enjoyed it.

I suppose that I'm a little greedy on this one. I want to send the reviewer a note asking what kept her from giving that elusive fifth angel. It's the pleaser in me. Always looking for the maximum amount of approval. But as one of the few reviews we have had so far for DH, I'm happy it is such a positive one.

You can read the full review at Fallen Angels Reviews by following this link.

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