Wednesday, January 16, 2008


After many struggles, some external and some internal, Alessia and I wrote the last words of the sequel to Double Header today.

Spring Training has endured multiple challenges and led to discussions between its two authors that might have broken up your average rock band. At just over 45,000 words, it is the longest of our individual works to date. It may also be the most complex.

There are twists and turns in Spring Training that we never imagined when we first set out to write it. We knew it would feature Andrea Spring and feature her falling in love with Mark Hamilton. That might be the only thing from our original discussions that remains the same.

Of our joint work, this is perhaps the most traditionally romantic in plot. Yet the sex is both intense and incredibly varied. Those who loved the wild side of Andi in Double Header will certainly not be disappointed. She remains a most daring sexual adventuress. But you will find out much more about Andi in this book. A glimpse of her background, the surety of her strength and the vulnerability of her weaknesses. Andi has followed an incredible path through these two books.

Mark had a small role in Double Header. Now, he takes center stage. Even, as you'll see, when Andi most certainly does not want him there. He will demand of Andi something she has been unwilling to give any man.

Spring Training
, the sequel to Double Header from the writing team that Heather Fowler calls "a straight up duo of walking hedonism", is coming this spring to Phaze.

Are you ready for the coming season?

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Nice post! I think we should quote it for our blurb.