Friday, February 20, 2009

My Poor Neglected Blog

It's not that I haven't been writing blog posts here... it's that I haven't been writing.

I've been plotting a new Erotique-world story with my partner and I did write sports during the Charger playoff run. But overall, I just haven't been writing. The Padres got a new owner and a new left-fielder. Not a word. the Chargers designated a franchise player. I'm silent. The Republicans have been acting like spoiled children who want to take their ball and go home and I've been quiet.

I so need to change this.

Yesterday, I wrote nearly 2200 words on a new story. Which is great, except that now I have yet another WIP. (Work In Process, for you sane people. You know, the non-writers.)

So I dutifully say to myself that I'm gonna finish it today. It's an erotic piece and I've got one of them naked and the other one half naked. I've written literally dozens of sex scenes. One more should just flow easily through my fingers to the screen, right?

Nope. Nothing. Not a friggin' word. Frick. Freak. Frak. And all those other substitute f-words that are out there. (Why do made up substitute F words always have an R in them?)

Maybe I'll try again this afternoon. Sigh.

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Nina Pierce said...

For whatever reason the sex tripped me up in my last story as well. Blocked. Done. Fini. But I pushed through and the words flowed! It turned out I hadn't set the right scene for the lovemaking. Put them some place else and they went at it like the proverbial bunnies. Good luck!