Monday, July 27, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con 2009: Rewards & Revelations

Back in the eighties I was a regular for Comic-Con. Had some great times, but just fell away from going to it when I "fell away" from collecting comics. Because back then, it really was more about comic books.

Last year I took my kids to Sunday and this year the entourage doubled. My kids, my love and two of hers. It made for crazy logistics, especially since the majority of them are not of an age where we can go "everybody scatter and meet here at 3 pm." But it also made for a day with the added perspective of a madhouse through a child's eyes.

There's something wonderful about a child realizing that she is not going to get in trouble for yelling along with the opening of Spongebob in a crowded room. In the giggles of the two girls as they snag freebies or pose for a picture with Barf from Spaceballs. Of the teenager grinning every time someone compliments his pink shirt with the "+10 Shirt of Masculinity" graphic.

For the adults, it was wonderful to see our friends. We made a point to search out Berkeley and Spice author Eden Bradley and Load World Comics Sam Saturday. The few minutes I spent with them would have been worth all the hassle. But they didn't have to be, because there were other things.

Panel highlight of the day for me was a discussion with Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Dune fans, take note. There are several more books in the que and, perhaps most excitingly, there is talk of a new feature production. Brian was careful to point out that it is very much in the preliminary stage. It might never get beyond script doctoring. But even the prospect of a film produced in the post-Peter Jackson LOTR environment is enough to tingle the fanboy hairs on the back of my neck.

We ended the day at the Buffy Sing-Along, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The teenager, as we were leaving, pronounced Comic-Con to be "pure undiluted awesome sauce." More than enough motivation for us to return, and next time for more than one day. One day is too hectic. You need a minimum of two.

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Chrissy said...

Thanks for this, Will. I kept seeing reports on the news about how ComiCon was being ruined by Hollywood invasion. But it sounds like the spirit is still there.

So jealous you got face time with Eden!!