Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Massachusetts Means...

Very simply, the GOP victory in Massachusetts is a message. We didn't elect Obama and a super majority to sit and dither with obstructionists. We elected them to get things done. And if you don't do it, we will kick your ass out!

Now, I have no data to support this. It's a gut reaction, enhanced by voter reaction in stories about the election. Especially quotes from independents.

So, listen up Dems. This is not so much a GOP victory as a Dem loss. We are tired of seeing the least visionary and most reactionary 20% of the nation dominate due to their willingness to shout lies and attack anyone trying to use logic.

We didn't create a super-majority and elect a liberal President to get a watered-down version of health care reform that primarily benefits insurance companies and drung manufacturers. We wanted true reform.

You gave us kowtowing to people willing to compare you to Nazis instead of a public option, despite poll after poll telling you that is what the people wanted.

You gave support to Wall Street, after running on support for Main Street. You listened to lobbyists instead of laborers. You gave us fearful, creeping steps forward at a whisper, as though you were afraid of some uncouth, crass idiot standing up in your speech and shouting that you were a liar... when we asked for action.

We wanted strength and you gave us caution. We asked for change and you gave us unnecessary concessions to an opposition whose intellectual standard-bearers felt that being asked what newspaper they read was "ambush journalism."

The results in Massachusetts are a wake up call, indeed. But not to move further to what Beck, Rush and Hannity consider acceptable compromise. No, this is a call to listen to us instead of Fox News.

The people who butter your bread just told you that if you don't do your damn job, there will be consequences. Let's see if you get the message...or if you are too distracted by the circus of the screaming tea-baggers.

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