Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sarah Says Gulf Oil Spill Is Environmentalists Fault

Every once in awhile I think I am beyond surprise. Then something like this happens.

The tragic oil spill in the gulf lacks no shortage of blame. We can blame BP, we can blame the government, we can blame the prior administration... we can even blame ourselves for the unfettered use that fuels the demand.

But this morning, Palin jumped the shark again. We really need to come up with some new terms to describe this woman's particular brand of wacky.

Who's to blame for the spill? The "extreme environmentalists."

Basically, her argument is that by blocking drilling in places like the ANWR, environmentalists force companies like BP to take greater risks.

This is kind of like me falling and breaking my neck while using a rolling office chair to get a cookie out of a jar on the top shelf... and blaming? Not myself. Not the person that put the cookie jar on the top shelf. Not the company that put wheels on the office chair. Not the person who baked the cookies.

No, this is like me taking that incident and blaming the builder that made the ceilings high enough for cabinets that tall to fit in the house.

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