Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Juggling Lives

It's not a new thing for me to feel as though I've too many masters.  Nor is it something I find dismaying.  But it can get a little confusing at times.

As an author of erotica, there are certain things you just have to keep separate.  I learned a hard lesson in this a few years ago, when I actually lost a job because of what I wrote.  Not that my writing was the only factor, but as the emotional distance from that time has increased I have been able to more clearly see that it was the deciding one.  It was a perfect storm of a situation, and there were other influences.  But the spool that the varied threads converged on was my writing, and without it I would not have lost that job.

That's hard.  Especially when you go to apply for other "real world" jobs and they want to know why you left your last one.

This summer has been one of transition for me.  I've had the same day job for about three and a half years and it was time to make a change.  I was in a bad financial place and the current job was only enough to keep my head from disappearing beneath the waves.  There was never going to be a swell I could ride to the beach.

So, I took steps.  I made the legal decision to liquidate my debt.  I found a new job in a completely divergent industry.  I had a plan.  Like any plan, it lasted about as long as it took to write it before circumstances forced it to change.  The job I was supposed to transition to got delayed by multiple factors.  Despite the forward movement on solvency, finances again reared their head in the form of an unanticipated large-scale vehicle repair. 

And, of course, while the new job is worthwhile, it has a public side that again forces my writing to be treated as, at the very least, a privacy issue.

The more things change....

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