Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ok, Why Not?

But I don't expect I'll be too active. I have enough going on already, and way too many things unfinished as is.

As a writer, chief among those unfinished items are stories, of course. The writings I have let go for public ridicule can be found at Literotica. If you find it on a pay site, I didn't authorize it and please let me know. So far the only people who have been paid much for my pornographic prose are people who didn't write it.

At a quick count in my head, I have four unfinished short stories and a half-done novella. Sooner or later they will get done. I just need that bitch of a muse to get her ass back here from that beach in Jamaica. She like to tease me by pretending she's coming home, then deserts me a paragraph into the story.

Currently I have 15 stories and 47 poems posted at Literotica on my Bio; there's a few more that were cowritten with other authors that are hanging around other pages. I'm sure I'll get to them as time goes on.

Want a start? Hell, just choose one...the categories are all scattered anyway...ok, fine. Then read my latest. It's a co-authored piece, and it's not on my Bio page, but under my co-author, Alessia Brio. Alessia actually gets paid for this stuff, but not this story. At least, not yet. The story is Artistically Inclined and I think it's pretty decent. But I'm biased. Anyway, if you do read it, please vote and give feedback to us if you would, even if it's just "loved it" or "hated it". Feedback is as precious as ink in this business. Hell, more so thanks to the computer. What writer uses ink anymore?

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Alessia Brio said...

Better late than never. *grin* So, how 'bouts we crank out about 30,000 words for that collaborative anthology, eh? Poetry, too.