Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Interviewed By An Angel

Well, a Fallen Angel anyway...I recently did an interview with Serena of Fallen Angel Reviews. The interview is posted at their website, here.

Serena asked a couple of fun questions and I always enjoy the banter, but I've gotten very little feedback from my interviews don in the past and I always wonder how people feel about what I had to say.

So...A Contest! A reader of mine has given me a wonderful suggestion for promotional bookmarks to use at signings. Because of the popularity of a couple of my avatars and the association with blue jeans that has grown from that, I will soon be cutting up a pair of my jeans into bookmarks for autograph purposes.

The first person to respond via email with a subject line of "Whimsical Fallen Angel Contest" that correctly can tell me the name of the first girl I kissed and the title I relish even more than "published author" will win one of these denim keepsakes, personally autographed by yours truly.

So let's see if anyone is actually paying attention out there...

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