Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Phaze In The City

Last Friday night, I had a reading and signing in the Big Apple.

Really. People came and listened to my poetry and prose. Stood there in the dark, listened appreciatively. Laughed at the right times. Made interesting little noises at the right times. After my turn came I returned to my table and watched several others do the same and found myself seriously impressed with them. Then I wondered if they were thinking the same thing about me. I decided that they may have been, and that was just wonderfully fulfilling.

Then at the very end I went back up and finished off the night as I had been the one to start it, only this time reading in tandem with my co-author Alessia Brio. This time I know people were affected by our words and our performance. I could hear their breathing, hear the little intakes of breath and even a muttered "oh my".

We read a scene that happens fairly early in Amichu, and it was very well recieved. Afterwards, we were asked where we would be appearing next by one of the patrons. Is there any greater compliment then for someone to come up and tell you that he enjoyed that enough that he wants to hear more and perhaps bring some others to hear it too?

It was great to meet so many of my fellow authors from Phaze. Robin Slick, Bianca D'Arc, Petula Caesar, Cassidy Kent and Stella Price; I so enjoyed our time together and look forward with great anticipation to meeting you again. We had a wonderful time, didn't we?

The only sad things were that our compatriot Leigh Ellwood had her flight cancelled and a special guest that I was really looking forward to meeting after years of speaking with her by phone or email had an unavoidable situation keep her from attending. But even so, it was incredibly empowering and gratifying. To be applauded for the work of my imagination in such a manner wasn't bad for the ol' male ego either.

I am so doing this again!

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