Sunday, September 03, 2006

Reviews Are Starting To Come In

The reviews for Amichu are starting to arrive, with first one out coming from BareBack Magazine. Natasha Brooks from Bareback gave mine and Alessia's latest 4.5 stars out of a possible five!

Some highlights from her review:

"The writing duo Alessia Brio and Will Belegon are at it again with the third edition to the series started originally by Alessia."

"This story is filled with much more action and adventure than you can ever imagine. I sat in amazement after reading the enormous amount of creativity that was put into this ebook."

"The story ... starts off on a humorous tone, but then soon introduced an action packed plot and adventure for Amanda and Bruce as they head to South America to uncover the truth about an Incan artifact that was generously donated to Erotique, (Amanda's sex toy shop and museum) by a lover of Amanda's late aunt."

"One thing that I enjoyed about this ebook was that ... I could clearly and vividly visualize the story as I read it."

"In terms of the sexual heat of the story, it was well balanced, considering how well the story was written."

"One thing that I admire about the story is that the relationship and love between Amanda and Bruce seems realistic and is displayed in the skillful use of dialog between the two characters.

"The story was outstanding."

About the only thing Natasha didn't like was something that Alessia and I intend to fix if a hoped for opportunity comes in, so I didn't find a whole lot to dislike in this. Of course, that's why I want to crow about it here!

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