Friday, November 10, 2006


All of my troubles, all of my worries...the hopes and dreams, the moments in both sun and shadow. Today they all seem less important and yet they seem all the more vibrant. Today I cherish even my pain.

Gabrielle was with us less than three days. She was born to a dear friend half a world away. I spent hours with her, but I'll never hold her hand. She has reminded me of the importance of love and life, but I'll never kiss her cheek. At least not in this world.

Gabrielle came into the world after 25 weeks in her mothers internal embrace...not nearly enough, but there was no choice. She touched lives all over the world in this brief foray into a larger, colder climate. The measure of her impact will not be known for many years, but more than 80 people in 13 countries lit candles for her and directed their healing thoughts and prayers towards her and her mother.

She is now a permament part of our community. In the words that she inspired, in the friendships she strengthened, in the hearts she touched she will live forever.

Goodbye little warrior. You will not be forgotten.

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