Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Writing Partner... running the Phaze Romance blog for the day. She is promoting our new release San Diego Sunset, which will be available from Phaze starting Sunday for the low Promotional price of only two dollars.

Currently the discussion has been primarily about dreams, their nature and how people treat them in their lives. Please click the link above if you want to join in the dialouge. Also, she used a picture I took from Sunset Cliffs here in San Diego on her first post of the day, so if you would like to view it (and possibly even compliment the photographer *hint,hint,wink,wink,nudge,nudge*)please give 'er a look.


Sabeur said...

seen some of your work on Literotica, what do you know about fencing? SOme of it seems epee based, others sabre. It's interesting to see it in a more sexual light. I guess it isn't called 'physical chess' for no reason.

Will Belegon said...


My actual experience is all foil and a little epee...but the attitude of saber always appealed to me. The intention of the story you are referring to is portray an epee tournament, if I recall correctly (It's been quite awhile since I wrote it, and much longer than that since I actually fenced.)

I absolutely agree with the chess analogy. Of course, knowing what you want to do you still have to have the speed, stamina and practice to follow that plan.

The concentration and intensity required to fence well made it a natural for me to want to write about when we were choosing events.