Saturday, January 13, 2007

Celebrating Creativity

If you saw and enjoyed the Saturday Night Live & Justin Timberlake song parody "My Dick In A Box" you might enjoy this.

Equal time for the sexes and, no offense Justin, but much prettier in my opinion. Really, J.T. man, don't take it's just the gender thing, OK? I mean, if I was gay I might choose you...ok, maybe after Johnny Depp and Adam Ant...and Ewan MacGregor...and A.B. Guye & Carson Sheppard...but you could be on the list somewhere. I promise, if it ever happens I'll find a place for you.

Oh, and reportedly, the major prop from the video is on sale at E-Bay now and the girl singing is from the U.K. and the girl in the video is from the U.S. That just makes the boy-band parody part more funny for me. C'mon, New Kids On The Block had so much more street cred, ya know? *wink*

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I like the list, ya know :)