Monday, February 26, 2007

For A Switch, The Academy Awards Rewards YOU!

What's a dollar buy anymore? A tall (means small) cup o' joe from Starsmucks? Nope. Need some silver. Candy? A Baby Bottle Pop is $1.39!

How about some award-winning entertainment? No, not a ticket to see the Best Picture winner. For a dollar? Hello, McFly? Someone has to pay for the black hair dye for Marty Scorcese's eyebrows! Besides, now that George is the only one of the old gang without a golden statue, they're gonna raise some money to pay the salaries for him to direct something set in England starring Kate Winslet in a corset and Leo with a new look in scraggly facial hair. Something without a Stormtrooper in sight.

No, I'm talking about the Preditors & Editor's Winner for Best Mainstream Short Story of 2006 . Thanks to the Academy and their choices, "Switch " is on sale for 50% off! Already own it? Check out the other Surges that were released along with it…they also are 50% off! This limited offer will expire Friday, March 2nd…So act now!

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