Sunday, February 18, 2007

Switch Is A Winner At Preditors & Editors

So, I'm at my niece's birthday party...completely overwhelmed by noise, overcarbed and needing an escape. We've done cake and ice cream, we've done Diet Coke/Mentos fountains, we've done funny animal balloons. I need a Calgon moment. I run away to my sister's bedroom and decide I'll kick it with the laptop and go to Lit and have some adult conversation...

And I follow a link...and I'm looking at the standings for Preditor's & Editors poll for General Short Stories...and I know that we had a shot at the top ten. But I didn't expect this.

Number One. I reload the page. Still number one. It's real. Wow.

I run to the other room, grab my phone, call my co-writer. She knew already, hers was the link I followed. It's almost 11 months to the day from when we learned that Switch had been accepted for publication. We laugh and giggle a little. She tells me how she had gone and looked and started to be disappointed, thinking we got bumped down. It didn't occur to her to look
above the banner at the top spot. I talk about validation and proof and she gently teases me about how I shouldn't need this to know how good we are together. She's right, of course. But it is a part of me to look outside for proof, just like it is a part of her to not need that outside point of view. Just one of the differences that make us a strong team.

Wow. This feels great.

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