Friday, June 01, 2007

Come Visit Will & Alessia At Coffee Time Romance!

Coffee Time Romance
Welcome to June! June is a very special month for Alessia and Will. Why? Because it means summer is coming? Because it means the kids are almost out of school? (Banish the thought!) Because Will lives in Southern California, and June means it’s bikini season?

No. Well, maybe yes to the last one. (And we’re not talking about how Will looks in a bikini… or are we? Should we? Do you think he'll agree to wear one if we bribe him in just the right way?)

No, June is special because Alessia and Will’s book ArtiFactual: Tales of the Erotique Mystique was chosen by Coffee Time Romance to be their Reader’s Retreat book of the month! Will and Alessia have had good reviews and even won the 2006 Preditors & Editors Poll for Best Mainstream Short Story (for Switch)… and Alessia won an EPPIE (for fine flickering hungers)… but they’ve never had this much of their work given this much attention in one spot. At least, not by anyone else. Both Alessia and Will feel very honored, if a little overwhelmed.

You see, not only has Coffee Time Romance created a forum to discuss ArtiFactual, it's dedicated a whole sub-forum to talk about ArtiFactual, Artistically Inclined, and the solo work of both writers. For the month of June, both Will and Alessia will be making regular appearances at the CTR forum to check in with anyone who has questions or just wants to discuss their work in particular or erotic fiction in general. Oh, and they’re gonna give some prizes, too. So come on over! Sure, talk is cheap…but you just might get something free, and free beats cheap every time!

Last but certainly not least… What the hell are we gonna have to talk about if all y’all don’t show up? C’mon, now! You all know that Will has a serious addiction to flirting, and if he doesn’t feed it… well, it gets kinda ugly. Alessia still remembers the last time he went through withdrawals. Says she hasn’t seen a man cry like that since the end of Field of Dreams.

Drop by and visit them on the Coffee Time Romance Forums:

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