Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comments For The Cure!

It's energizing to be making a contribution to the betterment of humanity. Even to be associated with one in which I am less directly involved is a very positive feeling. To have the efforts of my Coming Together compatriots recognized in unsolicited areas that further the original effort simply increases those feelings.

Author Alison Kent is making such an effort. She stumbled across the book trailer for Coming Together:For The Cure and is doing something about it. She has placed a post on her blog about the release and the cause and has pledged to buy one copy for every ten comments she gets, then give them away as prizes. In this way she will further Coming Together's efforts directly by contributing to it's profits and sales and indirectly by increasing it's visibility. The effort is located at her blog here.

Coming Together:For The Cure was released electronically two weeks ago, with print in it's near future. Like the prior volumes, all profits are being donated to charity, in this case the Susan G. Komen Foundation for fighting breast cancer.

Please visit Alison's blog and leave her a note about how you appreciate what she is doing and also contribute to her efforts. Thank you.

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