Tuesday, August 21, 2007

There's Always Another Scam Out There...

I hope that everybody out there knows by now that they haven't won a lottery they never entered and that no Nigerian millionaire left any money in cashiers checks that are magically made out to you.

Certainly, I'm well aware of these. But I must admit that using another venue got my hopes up before creating a big sigh of disappointment.

Spammers are using careerbuilder.com, monster.com and other such sites as a resource to get people to fill out personal information on "job applications." Since the first one I received was actually well tailored to the job search I am following, I got suckered in pretty quickly. That one was from a company calling itself National Human Resources and was for an "Event Planner" position. The "job" advertised fit with my salary level requirements and seemed to be a proper fit for my skill set. I went ahead and filled in a "profile", including my education level and last few jobs. Luckily, I didn't get asked for my social security number. I'd like to think I would have been smart enough to not provide it had they asked...but I wasn't smart enough to catch the other red flags, was I?

But now I'm getting ads for things like "Talent Scout" from Too Spoiled, and ads to be a tutor for $50.00 an hour. $50.00 an hour to tutor at Good Grades Now!. Um, hello? How many TEACHERS out there are making fifty bucks an hour? And you expect me to believe that this is a going rate for tutors? Without the six to eight years of school? Without the need to even leave the house? I sooooooo wish. Not credible.

I guess I got caught because the first one that happened to hit was actually showing a spread within what looked like reasonable salary levels for the education and experience they were posting as job requirements. If I would have got the later ones first, I would have been more skeptical.

Live and learn, I guess. Anybody out there want to buy my first novel for a small advance of only $75,000.00 so I can get out of this vicious cycle? I mean, it's no more absurd than a college freshman getting $50.00 an hour to tutor rather than $8.50 an hour flipping burgers.

Actually...hey, I know an award-winning published erotica author who is willing to help you with your English Lit classes at less than half that rate... (The fifty dollar one, not the burger flipping...)

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