Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Barely A Secret" Is Declassified!

My newest release from Phaze is available now!

Barely A Secret

Only $2.00!!!

September, 2007
ISBN 1-59426-761-8

A Phaze Frontier HeatSheet

A playful but politically incorrect office game sparks an afternoon lost in memory. Rob and Julie have been married for seventeen years and many things that were once wild and crazy are now commonplace. A few teasing comments remind Rob that there was a time when those barriers were still being broken. Barriers of trust, of perception and the symbolic value of a simple choice of style and function. Because there was a time when Rob and Julie were still learning about each other and about the world they were going to share. A time when the fulfillment of a seemingly simple fantasy could open up an entirely new frontier.

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