Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm The Essence of Erotica "Author of the Month!"

Essence of Erotica

Will Belegon is an author of erotic romance from a man's prospective. It is his lush and hedonistic imagination that makes him a much sought after author in the field of erotica.

Thank you, Essence of Erotica, for featuring me as your Author of the Month. I am very flattered.

If anyone would like a copy of the Essence of Erotica Newsletter, the simplest way is to join the group by visiting their Yahoo group homepage here or even just subscribing right away here. Of course, if you have zero desire to join a Yahoo group and you email me privately at willbelegon@yahoo.com, I can send it your way. Please note that this is an adult group and the fiction excerpts contains strong language and adult situations, so I can't share unless I know you are over eighteen. I mean, it is still a Bush White House, and it's gonna be his Supreme Court for a while yet...

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