Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Useful Website Indeed

A few days ago I posted a long debunking of a false email a friend had received. Turns out I could have saved myself some time if I had known about a non-partisan website called Fact Check.org.

They attack misinformation and outright lies from all sources. It's not just things being said about my choice for President, but by him as well. I'll admit that I am relieved to see that in the last month there is only one disputed thing from the Obama campaign. Meanwhile, four of the most recent five articles are attacking John McCain's campaign for distorting the truth. Not that this is a surprise coming from the side of the coin that so effectively used these tactics in the last two national elections.

Included on that page is this about the email I researched:

If nothing else, it is nice to have my own conclusions and positions supported by a third party who has absolutely no reason to support me. Makes me feel good about my own research, ya know...

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