Sunday, June 16, 2013

High Hopes and Realistic Goals

Real Vampires Don't Surf released Friday.  The culmination of years of false starts and real changes and a great example of how I've grown as a writer.  It's the best fiction I've ever written.

Of course, I hope that I will always say that with every new book.  That should be the goal, right?  To always be improving, to keep learning the craft, for each and every blade you forge to be a bit sharper ad more durable than the last.

There are some other goals with this one.  Promo has never been my strongest point, despite the fact that I write decent ad copy.  I'm just not very aggressive about getting out there in front of a virtual room full of people with a finite amount of dollars and going "Hey! MY book deserves those dollars!"

I do believe that.  My book, especially this one, absolutely deserves your purchasing decision.  At $3.99 for ebook and on sale for $10.49 in paperback, it's a bargain.  It will give you a great entertainment return on investment.

I need to see something come back on this one.  I don't need to top Amazon's charts or get a movie deal.  But I sure would like to break into four figures on the unit sales.  I think that's both ambitious and realistic.  If I can sell 1000 copies, it would justify the sweat/time investment in the sequel.  And it would pay for the re-manufactured engine  my Subaru needs.

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