Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Too Much Equals Too Little

I had largely ignored my diverse net history for the last several years.  I have a website that links back to this blog, a Wordpress, a Livejournal, Twitter, Facebook... I probably even still have a MySpace page out there somewhere.

Consolidation.  It needs to happen. 

I need one place to go post thoughts and then disseminate it.  That way, instead of an email about a spam comment reminding me I have a Wordpress blog I haven't touched since 2009, I would write one post and update multiple destinations.  Then, if I want to rant, share or muse, it reaches far more people.

Instead, because I have too many possible destinations, I have too little content in any one place.  Time to learn how to change that.  I know it can be done, I know others who do it.  Time for me to follow their example.

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