Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Baseball's Back!

My one true obsession besides sex is baseball. I like other sports, even love them. I have a lightning bolt tatooed on my right arm fer crissakes. But baseball is the one that really holds my attention.

I love it at least partially because I know it so well. Baseball is never boring to me because I see so much that the more casual fan misses. Not that I want to come off elitist or anything, but I did play the game for a long time and I tend to think and watch a game like I am still playing. I think about what pitch I would throw next, I look at an outfielder and think that he is out of position a pitch or two before a ball that should have been caught drops in for a Texas Leaguer. I love the game in person because on television I can't see the things that really intrigue me.

So I might be a little bit of a baseball snob, in the same way a person that really knows wine will be unwilling to drink something that the rest of us think is fine, or the way I just can't pick up an issue of Penthouse Letters because I know that there is so much better erotica out there on the web for free and if I am gonna spend money on smut I can read something by Gwen Masters or Leigh Ellwood or Colleen Thomas and get way more bang for my buck.

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Sherri said...

Be snobby where you can -- "snobby" is another word for "I intensely enjoy this, so don't go mucking it up for me, ok?"