Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"San Diego Sunset" Brightens Your Winter

Whistling winds and freezing temperatures got you down? Tired of spending more time looking for a parking spot at the mall then you spent driving to the mall? Did you walk into your home office and find your Christmas List chasing your Budget around the desktop with a baseball bat?

Take a break. Make a cup of hot chocolate, pour in a generous shot of peppermint schnapps and open the laptop by the fire. The fire will warm your toes, the schnapps your tummy and San Diego Sunset's erotic romance your heart and, well, other regions...

Here's what Annie from The Romance Studio had to say about it:

San Diego Sunset
Alessa Brio and Will Belegon
Paranormal erotic romance
Available from Phaze
ISBN: 1-59426-567-4
December 2006

San Diego Sunset is the story of two individuals who are about to be brought together by destiny. He dreams several times a week of lying on an empty warm beach, post-intimacy, with a woman, and waking just before he hears her name. On the days following the dream, he is both more creative and productive, and also more stressed. She finds the dream to intensify in vividness at the end of each month, and most especially at the year’s end. Both are determined to locate the location and to find each other.

San Diego Sunset is a fascinating short tale of two souls on a collision course with Destiny and each other. I found my heart catching in my throat as the two worked their way toward each other and then at first, passed by like two ships in the night, close but without contact. But Destiny won’t be denied.

Overall rating: 4.5 of 5
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Annie
November 12, 2006

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