Friday, December 29, 2006

Hey, I Missed This One!

Terrie Figueroa reviewed Artistically Inclined for RRT Erotic on October 25th and it took the detective work of my co-writer to notice it. Good review, too! Instead of the more common "star" system, RRT uses a more descriptive tag. In this case the story is rated "Multiple O's- Oh baby, I'd go back for more!". Now that's music to an aspiring pornster's ears there.

The review is not extensive, being part of what RRT calls their "Nibbles" but it is still nice to know that the work was appreciated and enjoyed by the reviewer. You can read the full test of what Terrie had to say here. She enjoyed the finish and she notes that she felt the sexual tension immediately.

Artistically Inclined is available from Venus Press for the incredibly affordable price of $3.98!

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Candice Gilmer said...

That's awesome.. Congrats! :)