Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Watch This Space

Yeah, yeah....I hear you. Watch what? Lazy bastard hasn't posted anything in a week. Probably sitting around, drowning his sorrows in Glenlivet and Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream.

But I really have been doing some things. Things I couldn't do before. I went to my kids little league game and watched him pitch two shoutout innings and hit a double down the first base line with the bases loaded. I gave in to every little request my daughter had for a whole day, whether it was "Daddy, read me a book" or "Daddy, can I have some of your ice cream?" (There is no greater love one can show another then being willing to share your Ben & Jerry's)

I've done the laundry and the majority of the housework. I don't fold clothes much, because Her Highness just refolds them, since obviously that sloppy job could not possibly have been my final fold, right?

Oh, *blush*...and I have indulged in way too much XBox and Playstation. Me, a grown-ass man and all even. But I admit it...I'm hooked on Knights of the Old Republic and Gun.

I had a job interview today. Must have gone ok from their point of view because they said it was going to have to be quick, a half-hour or so, and I was in the interview for 68 minutes. I don't know that the job they are seeking to fill is one that fits with my qualifications though, nor am I sure they are willing to pay me a wage to do that job that I will agree to do it, where was I?

Oh, right. Watch This Space. Well, not this one really. Over to the right there is a link to a blog dedicated to the combined efforts of myself and Alessia Brio, a blog titled Artistically Inclined. Watch That Space.


Zaipher (AppleBiter) said...

Congratulations to you and Alessia! That's so exciting! :)

Will Belegon said...

Thanks zaipher! I'm really thrilled...and addicted. Being published may end up like having's hard to stop with just one....

Anonymous said...

Who is "Her Highness?"