Thursday, June 22, 2006

Muse Re-Awakened?

So, after a dry spell of way too long, I am finally starting to find something when I sit down at my keyboard again...WORDS!

Since taking on my new day-job, which I am enjoying greatly, I had been pretty dry. However, my non-fiction was still flowing all right, so I did not worry too much. I've gone through this before and always come out the other side intact.

Then Colleen died. All of a sudden I couldn't write anything. Except apologies for not writing and internet posts. It scared me a little...

Sure, it was only like two weeks. But it was the longest time I had gone without writing since I rediscovered my "voice" a few years back. So I started to wonder.

Well, in the last three days I have finished a short piece of about 1800 words and put 1000 words down on another.


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