Friday, June 30, 2006

Not So Little Things

It’s often the small moments that make the most surprising impact. A graduation or a wedding, the birth of a child…all these moments are huge and you expect them to create huge emotions.

But sometimes a small thing can generate feelings out of proportion with its apparent importance. Such a moment came to me today, and although I was expecting it due to a conversation with my co-writer, it was no less sweet.

I go to the page titled “Meet Our Authors” at Venus Press, and there I am. And about two inches above me is Piers Anthony.

It takes an awful lot to make me quote Ashton Kutcher, but still…

“DUDE! That is sweeeeeeeet!”

1 comment:

Sherri said...


I sat and watched Piers sign about 100 books on Memorial Day Weekend. You're a lot better looking ;)