Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Who Wants To Dance?

Alessia and I got news on Monday evening that Amichu, the next adventure in the lives of Bruce and Mandy, was selected by Phaze to be a part of their upcoming Samba line of HeatSheets.

The Samba line is a series of affordable novellas tied together by being set in South America. Alessia and I really wanted to be part of this line, but at first we were coming up empty on what to do with it. When the idea of Easter Island and its disputed connections to South American civilizations came up, our block evaporated very quickly.

Not only did we come up with what we believe is our best work to date, we also ended up with one of our biggest challenges; keeping it below the 12,000 word limit on the HeatSheet format. If every scene we had originally envisioned been included, this story could have easily reached 20,000 words.

Even just including the words we actually wrote would have put us near 15,000. The editing process was very painful at points, requiring both of us to let go of things we wanted to keep. However, the result is a story that reads like it is half of its actual length, a real page-turner. Action packed in more ways then one; it races to its conclusion.

The storyline introduces two new characters and gives us a glimpse into the past behind the creation of Erotique and the colorful life of its founder, Mandy’s mysterious aunt. It also introduces a new twist to the erotic magic that Bruce and Mandy are beginning to discover running through all of human history. Not only does Amichu give you more of Bruce and Mandy, it sets the scene for many possible adventures to follow.

Amichu will be released towards the end of July and will be available through at the low HeatSheet price of $2.00. I will certainly let you know when it is available for download.

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