Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Sale! A Sale!

Coming Christmas Eve !!!

It's Christmas eve...everything is finally wrapped, the bicycle is put together and the tree is decorated...the kids are snuggled up and dreaming desperately of morning. But you have to wait until you're sure their asleep and you've got time on your hands...why not snuggle up with a treat for your intelligence and your libido?

Or it's Christmas day...the kids are outside riding their bikes or deep into the Playstation 3 zone. Dinner is done and you just want to escape. The glass of wine or Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Schnapps is helping...but you want to find yourself on the beach in San Diego, or visiting Easter Island, or having a bedroom picnic...

Good News then. Phaze is having a sale! December 24th and 25th, got to the Phaze bookstore and enter the code SANTA50 and you'll get 50% off!!!!!!

If those days are just too crazy? But you still want to start the new year with a bang? From December 26th to the 30th, you can get 25% off by entering the code SANTA25!

So this Christmas, take a little time to treat yourself...and save while you're at it!

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